Creamy Fresh Goat’s Milk🥛

Milk! Which milk do like? Full cream, lite, A2, low fat, condensed, powdered, etc.

When someone asked for a glass of milk, 50 years ago in Australia, what white liquid would it contain?  Most likely Cow’s milk. I’m sure you guessed that.

What about now? Wow! This would be a longer list of “milks”. But, probably not Goat’s Milk, except if you’re in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Turkey!

What’s so inviting about Goat’s Milk? 

Pure A2 goat protein! Its high in vitamins and minerals, with smaller protein molecules making it naturally easier to digest and has lower allergic reactions for many. Good source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. For an interesting read on Goat’s milk nutrition verses Cow’s milk –

Have you tried fresh goat’s 🐐 milk? Store bought or powered goats milk tastes very different, to my taste buds! Fresh milk from goats fed on lucerne and oat, is creamy and sweet! Fantastic, in my Chai tea!

Usually, we keep at least one of our does in milk for our Winter supply. This year we are having a little break from milking in the cold wintery mornings! It’s going to be frozen milk for us, it won’t to the same!

Enjoy a fresh glass of your favourite ‘milk’!

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