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Mountain Goat Soap with Charcoal


Here at Mountain Goat Soap, we are committed to bringing real goat’s milk soap to you, natural and free of free of detergents, artificial surfactants, and artificial colours.

Mountain Goat Soap - Essential Oils Range

From our farm to you

With milk from our own herd of goats, raised free range on the New South Wales Mid North Coast, we provide a range of moisturising, handmade soaps for every taste.

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Where to find us

Our soap can be found in shops and markets around the Mid North Coast, for details see “Where to find us” or browse our online store to see our latest specials.

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Farm News

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Creamy Fresh Goat’s Milk🥛

Milk! Which milk do like? Full cream, lite, A2, low fat, condensed, powdered, etc. When someone asked for a glass of milk, 50 years ago in Australia, what white liquid …