Do we use Chemicals? That’s a great question.

I am often approached by customers at various local markets, and via social media, with a number of common questions. Some of them are more difficult to answer than others. This is one of them.

I was asked, “does soap contain chemicals”? 

First let’s ask…What is a chemical?

What do you consider to be a chemical?

How do you feel about this definition:

Chemicals are made of one or more Elements bonded together. (Click here to see what Wikipedia defines a Chemical Substance.)

One example of a chemical is water. Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen (H20). 🤔🤔

One thing we can assure you of, is that Mountain Goat Soap products never contain artificial fragrances or colours. They are handmade, straight from our farm to you. Our goats are raised by hand, milked by hand, and free to roam the surrounding hills.

Never fear, out goats keep a close eye on everything we put in our handmade products. Literally:

does soap contain chemicals?

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