Yummy Honey Goats Milk Soap


Australian Goat Milk Soap, handmade on the farm.
Handmade Honey Goats Milk Soap.
Free of Palm Oil.
Approx 110g

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Handmade Goats Milk Soap with Honey.

Australian Honey Goats Milk Soap, handmade on the farm.

Free of Palm Oil.
Approx 110g
Each bar contains natural glycerine which is formed during the saponification process. A high percentage of Goats cream and milk is in each bar.

Goat’s Milk from our farm, saponified Rice Bran, Olive & Coconut Oils, Local Bees Wax and Raw Honey.
Mountain Goat Soaps are all handmade in small batches, using traditional cold process methods. None of our soaps contain Artificial Fragrances, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Titanium dioxide, Parabens nor Detergents.
All of our soaps & body products are tested on family and friends.
Please read the provided ingredient information to avoid any known allergens. Products are made for external use only and avoid getting product in your eyes.


  • Please check all the ingredients to check if your sensitive to any.
  • If any irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use.
  • As with any body products, patch test and if a rash or irritation should occur, please stop using.
  • For external use only.
  • Made in small batches, so differences in colour and texture occur.

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